- low latency chromium SPA prerendering for SEO renders JavaScript apps for your users before they download it (isomorphic/universal server side render) for speed, Open Graph and SEO - no coding required

2.5x faster renders (and React checksums)

Before 😔 😢
single page app rendering duration before
After 😏 🙌 💃
single page app rendering duration after

Open graph (Slack, FB, Twitter etc..) previews/unfurls

Before 😢
slack open graph preview before
After 😏
slack open graph preview after

Better search engine results

Before 😭
search results before
After 😍
search results after

We made prerendercloud for easy server side rendering because speed matters

a React app can take 50ms to download, but 600ms to render... unless it's server side rendered

"Our experiments demonstrate that slowing down the search results page by 100 to 400 milliseconds has a measurable impact on the number of searches per user"

- from Google Research blog post "Speed Matters"

When you load a server side rendered JavaScript app, you see the content immediately, before the JavaScript is even downloaded - it's what makes pages feel as if they are instantly loading.

Using AJAX? We even preload your first AJAX calls so the "initial state" just works.

Using React? We include your server-side rendered checksums for best possible client render performance. (version 0.13 and above)

What is it? is a Chromium based Javascript prerendering service for solving new issues brought on by the advent of javascript apps/pages (React, Ember, Angular, Vue). does 3 things: improve rendering performance (2.5x boost), fix open graph previews, and improve SEO.

Before, to solve these 3 problems, teams/companies were writing more code to render their client code from a server (challenging and error prone).

  • 3x faster than competing services using PhantomJS often 8x faster
  • ultra low latency from geographically distributed, high power AWS machines
  • 10x cheaper than competing services and never cached for more than 5 minutes
  • es6 compatible from the latest chromium build
  • got AJAX? waits for all AJAX requests to finish and then monkey patches XHR so the client doesn't refetch those resources on intial load
  • using React? react-data-checksums included (version 0.13 and above)

How do you use it?

It's easy, just add middleware or a snippet to your web server that forwards requests to

We've already written and tested integrations with Node.js, NGINX, and Golang and can quickly add more. Just email us:

Try it!

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(why append ?text) TL;DR: it's for demoing the product.
This ?text query parameter tells to change the Content-Type to text/plain which allows you to see the actual generated HTML. If you remove that query parameter, HTML will be returned in the browser, which means the browser will try to load relative paths against, which won't work. This is only relevant when demoing the product. In production, your server will use middleware to access and relative paths will be accessed against to your domain.
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