1. you have a "single page app" with push state URLs (React, Angular, Ember, Vue, Preact etc...)
    • (the only true requirement is a JavaScript app that rewrites a container div as opposed to appending)
  2. you have a webserver (Node.js, nginx, Apache, Golang etc...)
    • don't have a webserver? use which has built-in

Quick Start (1-step) Server-Side Rendering#

This is a static, pushstate, Node.js server pre-configured with the official middleware. Pass it the path to your build/dist directory. You will need a public IP or SSH remote port forwarding (we'll prompt you for this). Use ngrok if you don't have a public IP and/or don't want to configure SSH port forwarding.

npm install -g prerendercloud-server
prerendercloud-server ~/path/to/my-javascript-single-page-app

Useful Quick Start#

  1. Read the requirements section above
  2. Read/skim How it works
  3. Find your webserver in the list below and click the link to find configuration instructions
  4. Go through the checklist
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