Pricing is calculated at the end of the month based on the number of requests made with your API token. It's calculated from the following tiers:

Total RequestsMonthly Price (USD)
up to 500$0 (free)
up to 20,000$9
up to 100,000$40
per 1,000,000$360
a request is defined as any HTTP request made to the API endpoint: - but the official middlewares strive to only make requests for HTML pages (thus you can predict your approximate usage based on number of monthly sessions on your website)
* EU customers: Prices inclusive of VAT, where applicable


  • Example 1: 19,999 requests would cost $9
  • Example 2: 20,001 requests would cost $40
  • Example 3: 100,001 requests would cost $36 (making over 100,000 requests qualifies for the variable rate plan)
  • Example 4: 1,500,000 requests would cost $540

Reducing costs

  • cache API responses locally (easy with our Node.js lib or nginx config)
  • use a "botsOnly" config so only googlebot, twitterbot etc. user-agents are proxied through

Rate limiting

  • API requests without an API token are rate-limited: 15 requests per hour and/or 500 per month
  • API requests with an API token but no or invalid billing will be rate-limited 500 per month (but not per hour)
  • API requests with an API token and valid billing information are not rate-limited

Burst requests and capacity

  • We keep enough capacity online to handle ~5 req/sec for any single user, and if a sudden burst of requests come in beyond that, they'll be queued for about ~3 minutes (so you should set your request timeout to 5 minutes) until our autoscaling increases service capacity. Email us if you have any capacity concerns.
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